'A Robot for Every Person' Webcast Series

Each 30-minute webcast will highlight a success story from a UiPath customer or partner. We’ll also bring in UiPath product managers and subject matter experts to dig into specific software robots and show viewers latest automations and how they can get the most out of these reliable helpers.

On Demand - 30 min


Tom Merkle
PreSales engineer @ UiPath
Katherine Hall
Automation Solutions Architect @ Dentsu Aegis Network
Sarah Greis, CSM
Automation Project Manager @ Dentsu Aegis Network
Bernard Lawes
PreSales Engineer @ UiPath
Welcome to the very first episode of our new “A Robot For Every Person” web series! Your host Brandon Nott is kicking things off with an overview of the UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform and an introduction  to the world of attended automation.

Who should attend?  
  • Individual employees consuming and running robots daily, hourly to make their work lives better.  
  • Business managers and everyday professionals turning into citizen and RPA developers.  
  • Large enterprises that are deploying governance, scaling RPA robots to thousands of employees.  
In this episode:
  • Answer the question, “What is an attended robot, anyway?” 
  • Show you how to interact with attended bots. 
  • Highlight the folks who put in the hard work building attended robots. 
  • Offer tips on the best ways to get started with your own automation program. 
11:00 — 11:05
Introductions by your host
Brandon Nott
10 min
Overview of UiPath StudioX
Tom Merkle
10 min
Customer spotlight 
Katherine Hall
Dentsu Aegis Network
5 min
" PDF Redaction" automation demo
Bernard Lawes

EPISODE ONE: Featuring UiPath StudioX, Denstu Aegis Network & PDF Redaction automation use case.

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