'A Robot for Every Person' Webcast Series

This 30-minute episode is all about new attended robot capabilities. Our VP of Product Management Bogdan Ripa takes us through UiPath 20.10 attended robot functionality, and we hear from one of our beta customers about their experience with it. If you’ve been wondering about attended RPA, you don’t want to miss this one.


Bogdan Ripa
VP Product Management @ UiPath
Charlie Sweeney
CoE Lead @ Cleveland Clinic
Customer Spotlight

Who should attend?  
  • Individual employees consuming and running robots daily, hourly to make their work lives better.  
  • Business managers and everyday professionals turning into citizen and RPA developers.  
  • Large enterprises that are deploying governance, scaling RPA robots to thousands of employees.  

11:00 — 11:05
Introductions by your host
Brandon Nott
15 min
Discussion on the new capabilities of 20.10 and attended robots.
Bogdan Ripa
15 min
Charles sweeney.png
Customer spotlight 
Charlie Sweeney
Cleveland Clinic

EPISODE FIVE: Featuring UiPath 20.10 and new attended robots functionality and a customer spotlight with Cleveland Clinic