Empowering the human workforce with automation

Recorded on April 28, 2021


Dave Friedman
CEO/Founder at AutonomyWorks
Ed Pederson
VP of Product at Kelly
Guy Kirkwood
Chief Evangelist, UiPath
Margareta Chesaru
Public Affairs Manager, UiPath

A conversation with AutonomyWorks and Kelly

UiPath Chief Evangelist Guy Kirkwood and Co-Moderator Margareta Chesaru, along with their guest speakers Dave Friedman, CEO/Founder at AutonomyWorks, and Ed Pederson, VP of Product at Kelly, highlight how every one of us deserves to be valued for who we are and empowered with new opportunities for meaningful employment. AutonomyWorks and Kelly see an opportunity to change the future of work for people with autism and open new doors for employment.

Join our webinar and discover how companies can evaluate human potential by upskilling employees. With robotic process automation (RPA) an organization can reach the perfect balance between humans and robots and complement human work in the most efficient way. You’ll also learn about:

  • How RPA frees up employees’ time and enables them to do more creative work
  • How RPA helps upskill people on the autism spectrum to build their own software robots
  • How you can use automation to do good in the world

This webinar is part of the Automation for Good series.

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