Automation Hub: Three Use Cases for Open API


Sorin Visan
Product Manager Automation Hub at UiPath

Join us for the first Automation Hub Open API webinar!

Discover how to use the Automation Hub open API starting with token generation for authentication until understanding the request structure and output results. Furthermore, we will demonstrate how to leverage the API usage, and share how the API calls can help you automate three of the most common use cases:

  • Importing your pipeline. If you are trying to import data from an external system or use another application to capture ideas, the best place to store all your automation ideas is in Automation Hub. This use case demonstrates how you can import all automation ideas using the Open API
  • User management. If you have a large number of users onboarded into Automation Hub the Open API helps to automate the process of keeping your users up to date with the latest changes from your organization.
  • Create custom reports or dashboards. You can connect the Open API to business intelligence (BI) tools like Power BI and Tableau, where you can easily create custom reports and dashboards using the data from Automation Hub

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