UiPath Coffee Chat with DHL


Dr. Frank Schüler
Managing Director Global Service Center (GSC) @ DHL Global Forwarding, Freight
Vini Kolathur
Center Head , Chennai & VDC (GSC) @ DHL Global Forwarding & Freight
Sabine Obermayr
Marketing Director CE @ UiPath GmbH
The Speaker
Technical Customer Success Manager, UiPath

DHL is the world's leading logistics company.

It employs 380,000 people in over 220 countries to deliver parcels and express mails across borders. This service requires DHL to manage its processes efficiently. To this end, DHL has used RPA to streamline and automate vital internal processes.

Join Dr. Schüler, Managing Director Global Services Centre and Vini Kolathur, Center Head, Chennai & VDC (GSC) from DHL Global Forwarding Freight over a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer). The ‘Coffee Chat’ series with UiPath customers are short, interactive webinars showcasing the customer’s automation journey with a live Q&A. We will discuss some of these questions and take as many as possible from the audiences in 30 minutes:

  • What is DHL’s approach to logistics automation?
  • What can be achieved with RPA?
  • How do humans and software robots best work together?
  • What is DHL’s future automation plan?

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