How Automation Can Improve Effectiveness and Quality of Life at Work for F&A Professionals

Session #1: 10 possible pitfalls to avoid for a successful RPA roll-out

March 26 / 5:00 - 7:30pm ET


Armand Angeli
Chairman of RPA, Intelligent Automation, Shared Services, and Outsourcing DFCG, the French Centre of CFOs
Doreen Remmen
Senior Vice President of Operations and CFO, IMA
Maria Mihes
Immersion Lab Lead Operations, UiPath
Radu Pruna
Senior Machine Learning Consultant, UiPath
The New Speaker
New Success Manager, UiPath
Last Speaker
Server Adminstrator, UiPath
Robotic process automation (RPA) enables you and your team to focus on the strategic work that brings personal satisfaction and adds value to your business.

This session will introduce you to how finance professionals can use and combine RPA with artificial intelligence to capture the transformative opportunities in finance and accounting operations. It also will show you what barriers to adoption you can expect to find, such as additional required skill sets and new roles.

Using ‘real-world’ examples, we will demonstrate the impressive results you can achieve in key finance activities.

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