UiPath Coffee Chat with Acerta

October 27 / 10:30 - 11:00am CET


Jurgen Claes
Manager Backoffice Payroll Services, Acerta
Lars Dewolf
Robotics Automation Consultant, Ordina
Asher Lake
Corporate Automation Coach, Unlocking Digital
The Speaker
Technical Customer Success Manager, UiPath
The New Speaker
New Success Manager, UiPath
Last Speaker
Server Adminstrator, UiPath

As one of the leading HR services group in Belgium, Acerta offers a wide range of advice and services from payroll administration, social security and employment formalities to almost 40,000 companies. Their track record is impressive – over 500,000 salary calculations per month and acting as the HR partner to more than 6,000 accountants.

With a huge volume of repetitive workflows, it is not surprising that Acerta tapped into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) almost four years ago and has since seen the automation project growing to cover over 20 operational processes.

Join us for a relaxed chat during which Jurgen Claes, Acerta’s Manager for Backoffice Payroll Services, will be sharing details about this four-year automation journey along Lars Dewolf from implementation partner Ordina, under a shot of questions from Asher Lake.

Jurgen and Lars will touch on some of the topics below and also take questions from the audience:

  • How to evolve from skepticism to automation success in a fast-paced company
  • Acerta’s way to set up a fruitful collaboration between IT and the business
  • How an implementation partner is instrumental in documentation discipline and tech skills

Our Coffee Chat series is an interactive webinar featuring UiPath customers and conducted in an interview format.

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