A Center of Excellence: Must Have or Nice to Have?

Session #1: 10 possible pitfalls to avoid for a successful RPA roll-out

Sept 15 / 12:00 - 1:00 pm CET


Razvan Nutica
CoE Lead, UiPath
Armand Angeli
Chairman of RPA, Intelligent Automation, Shared Services, and Outsourcing DFCG, the French CFO Clubs
M Lyakath Hussain
Director Automation & AI Transformation – Finance Ericsson
Emiliano Vernini
ICT Innovation Strategy Manager, Poste Italiane
Michalina Krupa
Intelligent Process Automation CoE Manager Pandora Jewelry Shared Services
Last Speaker
Server Adminstrator, UiPath
As more and more organisations are deploying automation as a means to evolve strategically and to increase business value, the question arises: how can you run, scale and maintain your automation programs? In Finance & Accounting and beyond?

If you ask us, a Center of Excellence (CoE) is essential to achieve the above objectives. It will allow you to embed robotic process automation (RPA) deeply and effectively into an organisation, and to share automation expertise and resources across future deployments.

So far so good. But which roles and responsibilities need to be considered? What functional resources & technical tools are required?

Questions Armand Angeli will discuss with a.o. Razvan Nutica, Automation CoE Lead of automation software vendor UiPath. At UiPath 306,000 hours have been "saved" by deploying automation in a CoE-lead approach.

Learn more about the #CFOAutomationExperience, an initiative by finance professionals for finance professionals: www.cfoautomationexperience.com

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