How Reckitt successfully transformed IT Operations with automation

October 21: 11:00 BST | 12:00 CEST | 15:30 IST


Prashant Arora
Head of Service Modernization and Automation, Reckitt
Peter Villeroy
Industry Practice Director, IT Automation, UiPath
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CEO Customer Success Manager, UiPath
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Technical Customer Success Manager, UiPath
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New Success Manager, UiPath
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When Reckitt embarked on their automation journey in April 2020, the key goal was to deliver always-on, always-available IT with the most delightful and futuristic service experience.

Fast forward to September 2021, 80+ robots are delivering tangible outcomes, such as 20% cost savings in IT Operations, 10,000 business hours served per month, and a 20% net promoter score increase.

Additionally, within only seven months of the initial go-live, Reckitt recouped their Automation Factory investment.

Join us for this fireside chat where Prashant Arora, Head of Service Modernization and Automation at Reckitt, will share their automation journey to date. You’ll learn more about:

  • Business reasons for automation
  • Processes automated
  • Benefits and ROI
  • Challenges and top tips
  • What's next
  • Q&A with Prashant

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