Intelligent Automation: The Path to Digital Transformation

IDC European Government Executive Summit 2021

October 2021


David Burrows
Public Sector Industry Lead, UiPath
David Burrows
Technical Customer Success Manager, UiPath
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Governments across Europe have been looking to drive operational efficiency through focused process automations for many years. However, the pandemic has compelled leaders in the Public Sector to accelerate the end-to-end digital transformation of services that improves both employee and citizen experiences.

This holistic approach requires heightened focus in an Intelligent Automation approach, which leverage technologies such as RPA, Low-Code, AI and Predictive Analytics; all in a strategic framework that yields significant transformation for the realisation of “Digital Government”.

In this session, David Burrows, Public Sector Lead UiPath, discusses how Intelligent Automation can create the path to “Digital Government” and share real-life use cases and success stories.

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