Insurance Industry Day

New Era of Intelligent Automation in Insurance: Mitigate inflation and stay attractive to customers

19 April | 13:00 BST | 14:00 CEST | 8:00 EDT


Gemma Purchase
Product Owner, Admiral Group
Technical Customer Success Manager, UiPath
Elaine Mannix
Global Insurance Industry Leader, UiPath
Tom Golebiowski
Communications mining expert, UiPath
Swakatha Meenakshi Suresh
Process discovery expert, UiPath
George Roth
Technology Evangelist, UiPath
Automation is nothing new to the insurance industry. For example, underwriting has been automated for decades. What's new is how insurers can leverage intelligent automation (IA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to address current issues such as rising inflation and operating costs. All this while making sure that customers’ rising demands are met at competitive prices and the company can attract and develop talented employees.

During this event we reviewed and discussed:

  • The latest automation trends in insurance industry
  • How ChatGPT will impact the industry
  • How to democratize and scale automation
  • Demos and use cases of AI, communications mining and process discovery
Agenda (CEST time):

Intro & housekeeping
Andrei Hruscovschi, UiPath Immersion Labs, Automation Consultant
2023 Insurance Automation Trends
Elaine Mannix, Global Insurance Industry Leader, UiPath
Leveraging ChatGPT in Automation Development and Design
George Roth, Technology Evangelist UiPath
Democratization of automation across the enterprise - Admiral Group use case
Gemma Purchase, Product Owner, Admiral Group
Demo: AI & Automation - Mine, monitor, and automate every conversation
Tom Golebiowski, Communications mining expert, UiPath
Demo: Discover automation opportunities to drive ROI and customer and employee experience​
Swakatha Meenakshi Suresh, Process discovery expert, UiPath​
Closing remarks
Andrei Hruscovschi, UiPath Immersion Labs, Automation Consultant


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