Healthcare Industry Days - an immersive experience.

Keynotes from healthcare thought leaders, automation experts showing specific solutions and demos, along with time for questions and live interaction.

February 10th / 8:00am-12:00pm PST | 11:00am-3:00pm EST

A great panel of healthcare experts:

Paddy Padmanabhan
Author of “Healthcare Digital Transformation: How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future”
Dr. Sam Hanna
Executive in Residence and Associate Dean of Healthcare management, technology and innovation at American University
Jason Warrelmann
UiPath Global Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences
Lisa Weber
Functional Architect - Healthcare
Dr. Mehrvash Haghighi
Director of Pathology Informatics within the Department of Pathology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
George Ivanov


Join us for educational and informative sessions to explore Healthcare Automation Trends and the Fully Automated Enterprise.

This exciting experience will be broken out into three sessions:

  1. Thought leadership, trends, and insight from our panel of speakers. (90 minutes)
  2. Presentation of UiPath platform which will include 4 parallel breakout sessions where attendees can dive deep into the value statements and see how the platform works in a live environment. (90 minutes)
  3. Featured presentation by Deloitte, one of our partners, and two customers, Prospect Medical and Mt. Sinai (60 minutes)

The Future of Healthcare
Thought leaders will discuss market trends and challenges and how an end-to-end automation infrastructure will springboard the achievement of C-Suite initiatives.

Breakout Sessions
Process automations are illustrated in production environments and discussed In-depth.

  • Shared Services: HR, F&A, SCM
  • Data Interoperability leveraging EDI/FHIR
  • Healthcare contact center
  • Elevating Staff Performance and Experience with Automation

Starting the Journey and Success Stories

  • Creating the Roadmap for Success
  • Partnering for Success
  • Prospect Medical
  • Citizen Development - A Physician Builds an Automation

We look forward to seeing you, even if virtually.

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