UiPath Coffee Chat with CareSource

Thursday, March 16, 2023 / 11:00 - 11:30am ET


Jason Warrelmann
Vice President, Industry Practice, UiPath
Satendra Shukla
Vice President, Facets Configuration, Intelligent Automation, CareSource
Amit Kumar
VP Industry Practice, BFSI, UiPath
The Speaker
Technical Customer Success Manager, UiPath
The New Speaker
New Success Manager, UiPath
Last Speaker
Server Adminstrator, UiPath

Health Care with Heart. It is more than a tagline; it’s how we do business. CareSource has been providing life-changing health care to people and communities for nearly 30 years and we will continue to be a transformative force in the industry by placing people over profits.

CareSource is and will always be members first. Even as we grow, we remember the reason we are here – to make a difference in our members’ lives by improving their health and well-being. Today, CareSource offers a lifetime of health coverage to nearly 2 million members through plan offerings including Marketplace, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. With our team of 4,000 employees located across the country, we continue to clear a path to better life for our members.

Join Satendra to learn how CareSource is using UiPath’s automation platform to drive their business and improve the lives of their members and employees every day.

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