UiPath | Webinar: Torch bearers for the future of work


October 26th


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Customer Success Manager, UiPath
Technical Customer Success Manager, UiPath
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CEO Customer Success Manager, UiPath
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Dear Madam/Sir,

Please join us to congratulate and learn from top 12 innovative educators from around the world, who are inspiring, teaching, and preparing their students for the future of work.

Current and future professionals must acquire automation skills to survive and thrive in the future. Automation skills gap across industries is a challenge which many leading academic institutions have taken ownership to tackle.

During the past two years since UiPath has launched its Academic Alliance program, more than 1.000 institutions in 64 countries have joined the effort to drive RPA skills, thus ensuring their students are exposed to modern, disruptive technologies, high employability rates and great studying satisfaction.

Main Agenda

During the 45 minutes we went through the following topics:

  • UiPath Academic Alliance updates
  • Highlights of the winners of Visionary Educator 2021 awards
  • Testimonials from the awarded Visionary Educators

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