The New Era of Automation – Building Solutions Employees Love

60 minutes


Brandon Nott
SVP, Products UiPath
Krishnan Iyer
Global Delivery Head Digital Operations, Cognizant
Jairo Quiros
VP Shared Services & Head of Global RPA CoE, Equifax
Tracy Dixon
Centric Consulting, UiPath MVP

The New Era of Automation - Building Solutions Employees Love

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has expanded from the back office (unattended automation) to be front and center on employee's desktops (attended automation), helping to usher in a new level of productivity.  The robot streamlines work and removes repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing people to focus on the work that has the highest impact.


This shift from unattended to attended automation with UiPath is straight-forward, as both approaches use the same code and governance model.  However, with attended automation Centers of Excellence (COE) and developers must also consider the user experience and how the robot and human will work together in real-time.


Join UiPath and our customers to learn about five different styles of attended automation and hear first-hand from the industry leaders about the techniques they use to drive adoption.  We will explore various attended use cases and discuss why certain features are essential to delivering robust, intuitive automations that employees love.

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