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Main topics from 20.10 Live Event

The UiPath 20.10 Long-term Support Release takes you one step closer to a fully automated enterprise, delivering bigger impact while operationalising automation across your organisation.


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Tony comes to UiPath with 20 years of Business Process Management experience. He uses this experience to run Discovery Workshops to explore automation opportunities within an organisation based on real business metrics. Tony is proficient across the UiPath Enterprise Platform including Process Mining, Test Automation and Human-Robot Interaction.

  • Tony Nudd
    Tony Nudd PreSales Technical Consultant LinkedIn
35 minutes 35 minutes

Exciting new features of AI Fabric for more Intelligent Automation

Additions to the offering that will allow users to deploy, consume, manage and improve machine learning models in the cloud or on-premises, in single or multi-node or air-gapped.

  • Enhancements to the infrastructure with multi-node suppor
  • Support for data labelling and model retraining
  • New ML models added in 20.10
  • Connecting public ML Skill to AI Fabric
  • Daniel Melfa
    Daniel Melfa PreSales Technical Consultant LinkedIn
70 minutes 70 minutes

Document Understanding to unleash the data trapped within your documents

Seamlessly automate high-volume document processing as part of your end-to-end RPA workflows. Document Understanding is integrated within the UiPath RPA platform to ensure smooth and effective automations.

  • Evolving complexities and challenges in Document Processing
  • Looking beyond data extraction
  • New features in 20.10 Enterprise Release
  • Live demo - New features
  • Russel Alfeche
    Russel Alfeche PreSales Engineer LinkedIn
60 minutes 60 minutes

UiPath Apps – build delightful low-code automation apps

With UiPath Apps you can now create elegant automation apps the low-code way and deliver faster results whilst scaling our RPA across your organization. App Studio uses drag and drop controls to build automation apps in no time and without specialized skills.

  • What is UiPath Apps
  • How does it work
  • Benefits of UiPath Apps
  • Recommended use cases of UiPath Apps
  • Fook Wah
    Fook Wah PreSales Engineer
50 minutes 50 minutes

Test Suite raises the bar for RPA Testing

Test Suite continues to enhance RPA and Application Testing, more DevOps/ALM integration options and more load testing and synthetic test data management capabilities.

  • What is UiPath Test Suite
  • How is it useful for me
  • What’s new in 20.10
  • Live demo – New features
  • Mohit Ganotra
    Mohit Ganotra Advisory RPA Engineer LinkedIn
90 minutes 90 minutes

Everyone can build automation with 20.10 New Release

Our core automation platform has just been further enhanced to help build consistent, scalable and reusable automation with features like UI Descriptors, UI Recording, Data Services. The new features provide a quick start to RPA projects by business users and further development by technical team, encouraging better collaboration across departments.

  • Enhancement to Studio family products (Studio, Studio Pro, StudioX)
  • New features in 20.10 LTS Release
  • Governance and control
  • Fai Kwok
    Fai Kwok Senior PreSales Engineer LinkedIn
  • Ronan Fabricante PreSales Engineer LinkedIn
30 minutes 30 minutes

UiPath Automation Cloud for Enterprise

The UiPath Automation Cloud is the fastest, easiest way to get RPA. You can start instantly and, if needed, scale infinitely up to full enterprise capability, with comprehensive, secure, cloud-based management and immediate access to all the things you need to start building your own automations.

  • Core values of UiPath Automation Cloud
  • Overview of Automation Cloud architecture and capabilities
  • Automation Cloud 20.10 updates
  • Kum Yeong
    Kum Yeong PreSales Team Leader LinkedIn

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